become a vendor

Please read the following rules and regulations carefully before signing your application!


please print a copy for your records. Failure to observe these rules may result in suspensions and/or termination of your Market contract.

Marketing/Promotion for The Aurora Farmers Market



– Flags and signs near and by the entrances to the Church parking lot.

– 7 road signs reading “Farmers Market Today” placed at various strategic locations throughout the City.

– 6 X 8 banner in the front lawn of the Church and is in view at the busiest intersection in Aurora.

– 3 X 6 banner placed on Pioneer Road.


Post Cards

– Every Aurora resident receives a post card by bulk mailing each year.

– The Market distributes fliers in mailboxes of neighborhoods every week.


Advocate Article

– The Market gets a nice promotional article in the Aurora Advocate at the beginning of each season.


Aurora Advocate Sticky Notes

– They appear on top of the Aurora Advocate local paper both in June and August. The cost is over $800.


Aurora Advocate Ads

– The Aurora Farmers Market have placed ads in the Aurora Advocate including a ½ page black and white ad the week before the market opens. We also have placed a ¼ page ad in black and white in July as a reminder.


The Church in Aurora Bulletin pamphlets and Posters

– Bulletin pamphlets on every other Sunday and go to over 650 members.

– Advertising posters placed in Walden subdivision mail huts.

– Posters posted in Fellowship Hall and in local businesses around town. 



– The Church in Aurora posts the Aurora farmers Market on their Facebook page.

– Information about the Market appears as a slide on the Church website.

– The Market has its own facebook page with over 750 followers.


Graphics by Design

– Provides most of the printed material at little or no cost to the market. 


sponsorship from Anna Maria

– For the last three years, Anna Maria has been a major sponsor of the market.

– Donated $1,500 to the market for marketing

– Provides literature and a tent with their name on it for our dine in eating patrons.


Vendor Survey

– The Market and The Church in Aurora conduct a vendor survey at the end of each market season. We value your opinion and listen to the feedback.



– The total budget for 2018 was $5,500.

– More sponsorship opportunities are coming for 2019.



1. The Red Rock Farmers Market Manager will have the final decision on which products and vendors will be included in the market. In compliance with all Federal laws, all packaged items must be wrapped, bottled, or canned and labeled with the producer’s name, a list of ingredients, and the product’s weight.


2. Red Rock Farmers Market reserves the right to inspect any farm or establishment during and throughout the season at any time. Advance notice of the inspection will be given or an appointment will tried to be made. Red Rock Farmers Market is not trying to catch anyone “doing something wrong” we are simply protecting the Market’s reputation. ANYONE caught lying on their vendor application or falsely labeling products will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and their contract will be terminated.


3. Produce or products sold must be grown/produced by the principal farmer or producer in the state of Ohio. Only those items listed on the application may be sold. The vendor must notify the market manager in writing of any proposed changes before bringing the previously unlisted items to the market. Going to the local produce warehouse and reselling it for a profit is not farming.


4. Produce offered for sale must be grown in Ohio and cared for post-harvest by the producer to assure that Market customers receive only the freshest produce. The Market Manager may remove any produce or product if it does not meet the Market’s standards.


5. All produce/products labeled organic must be certified according to the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association standards. Verbal or written declarations of organic status not certified as required will result in suspension or termination.

Regulations for Specific Products


BAKED GOODS: All baked goods must be baked by the producer in a certified kitchen, but may use ingredients not grown by the producer.


CHEESE & DAIRY PRODUCTS: product must be made by the producer from milk from the producer’s own animals. The producer may not purchase milk from a different animal than those in the producer’s own herd.


CIDER/FRUIT JUICE: Only growers of these fruits may sell these products. Juice may be pressed off-farm. Containers must be properly labeled.


DRIED FRUIT: These products must be only from fruit grown and dried by the producer. Labels must include weight and any preservatives.


HONEY: All producers must own/rent the hives from which the honey is extracted and bottled.


JAMS AND PRESERVES: products must be prepared from fresh berries grown in ohio and processed in compliance with all Federal and state laws.


MAPLE SYRUP: This product must be from the producer’s own tree or sugar bush and the producer must process the final product.


MEAT/FOWL PRODUCTS: Animals must be raised on the producer’s farm but animals may be butchered or smoked off-farm, provided that the meat that is sold is from the producer’s own animals and the work is done at an inspected plant. All meat, fowl, and egg products must be kept below 45° and be properly stored at all times. Packages must be properly labeled.


NON-EDIBLE PRODUCTS: The following non-edible items may be sold at the market: plants, flowers, dried flowers, soap, candles, and textiles. All materials for these products must be found, grown, foraged, and/or produced by the producer.

Rules Of Operation


1. The Market Manager is responsible for space assignments, public safety, and enforcement of the Market’s rules. Red Rock Farmers Market reserves the right to admit or reject any vendor for any reasons not prohibited by law.


2. All vendors should arrive at least 60 - 90 minutes before the market opens and should be ready to sell at the 4:00 p.m. start time. Volunteers are expected to be there to help unload and assist whenever possible. However, they are not guaranteed to be there, PLEASE do not rely on them (I have no control).


3. All vendors must be courteous, polite, and honest at all times. Disagreement with other vendors, customers, or the Market Manager must be handled in a respectful manner. We are all professionals and only want to be fair to all our vendors and customers. Failure to abide by these principles may result in suspension or termination.


4. You, the vendor, are individually responsible for complying with all applicable local, city, county, state, and federal requirements for any approval or certification to produce your product for resale, and any labeling requirements. You will need to obtain any licenses to sell your product from local city or county health department.


5. All scales must be accepted and sealed by the Ohio Department of Consumer Affairs and approved by the City of Cleveland Division of Weights and Measures.


6. keep your area clean and remove all items from the site at the end of your day. If you are offering samples of your items that are to be consumed on-site, please provide a receptacle for waste. Failure to clean your site will result in a $25 fine payable within a week of being cited. Failure to pay the fine will result in expulsion from the Market.


7. The Market Manager will address all weather-related issues and will make the final decision.







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